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Humanitarian Winter Fuel Supply

Flashback on Final Briquettes' Donation February 2024

In February 2024, OAF provided the final 18 tonnes of eco-friendly briquettes to forcibly displaced families from Nagorno-Karabakh in Noyemberyan and surrounding villages. Immediately after the exodus, OAF launched an emergency humanitarian campaign, "Warmth for Hope of a New Life". In October 2023, OAF delivered heating devices followed in December 2023 by the first dispatch of 30 tonnes of eco-friendly briquettes to over 130 struggling families from Artsakh.

The feedback from families who had lost everything was immensely thankful bringing hope. The briquettes were a popular choice as they are eco-friendly, burn efficiently and use less storage space.

Thanks to our generous donors and our partner Noyemberyan municipality, WE saved lives during an unprepared winter by bringing warmth into shelters. It was heart warming to see the amazing solidarity and the impact of the campaign on the supportive adaptation to a new community.

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