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Warmth for Hope of a New Life

Emergency Humanitarian Campaign Winter 2023 - 2024

Following the forcible displacement of over 100,000 ethnic Armenians from Nagorno-Karabakh, Oxford Armenia Foundation launched in early October 2023 a crowdfunding campaign to provide heating devices and fuel to 132 families.

We worked effectively with Noyemberyan municipality social services who have identified the households in dire need of heating devices and fuel across their community of villages. To manage the harsh winter of this mountainous region, we mindfully planned our humanitarian support, directing your generous donations toward these 4 installments:

  • Oct. 2023: donated 115 heating devices to 132 families across 15 villages.

  • Dec.2023: 1st donation of 15 tonnes of briquettes (environmentally friendly heating fuel) to 66 families across 7 villages.

  • Dec. 2023: 2nd donation of 15 tonnes of briquettes to another 66 families across 6 other villages of the Noyemberyan municipality.

  • Feb. 2024: 3rd donation of an extra 18 tonnes of briquettes to be dispatched amongst 132 families of Noyemberyan community of villages.

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