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Partners List

At OAF we are delighted to be collaborating on different projects
with different local NGOs with whom we share common values and approaches.

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In September 2021, we met 2 Teach for Armenia teachers starting their 2 years

placement in the Syunik region. As we described our charity support, they were

immediately interested and by March 2022 we visited and donated a selection of

books to 4 different schools in Syunik.

Moving forward we formalised our book donation programme Books for Hope with

Teach for Armenia in 2023. OAF – Kayun Himnaqarer have been running the much-

loved programme in collaboration with Teach for Armenia who selects 3 schools

every 3 months for book donations to their libraries.

Books for Hope programme has been a success because of our joined efforts. We

are grateful to collaborate with such an amazing partner. Teach for Armenia’s

inspiring teachers engage young readers to discuss their opinions and write guided

book reviews.

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Since 2021, we have partnered with Armenian Caritas. This fruitful collaboration has

produced 3 years of Summer Art camps in the Shirak region. Armenian Caritas has

been instrumental in facilitating and managing the Summer Art Camp programme

while OAF financed and collaborated to the design of the content offering.

Furthermore, OAF – Kayun Himnaqarer are grateful to be providing a new and

interactive programme of English conversation classes to teenagers attending

Armenian Caritas’ run “Little Prince” centres in Gyumri and Gavar.

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Our collaboration with Nor-Arar Education NGO started in early 2023. It has rapidly

grown into impactful and innovative projects.

OAF-Kayun Himnaqarer supported the KARDA programme designed and run by

Nor-Arar, by donating booked for their annual literacy development program in 2023

and 2024.

In addition, OAF – Kayun Himnaqarer and Nor Arar have closely collaborated to

design an interactive life-long professional development programme for preschool

teachers. The Stepping Stones to Reading programme blends socio-emotional

development and introduction to literacy for a better transition from preschool to


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This long-standing partnership relies on Birthright Armenia providing experts for our

Summer Art Camp for children living in remote villages of the Shirak region.

Our partner selects volunteer candidates after a thorough need assessment and

vetting process to find outstanding educators.

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