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Projects 2022

Tackling Educational Disadvantage in Rural Armenia 2022 Project Outcomes

Our summer project in Bayandur and Yerazgavors has come to an end!Our beneficiaries come from two remote frontier villages in Armenia's Shirak region. Being one of the most economically deprived areas, the region is considered a disadvantaged one. Thanks to your donations, over 100 children aged 8 to 15 have had the opportunity to take part in summer activities for the second consecutive year, building up on last year's progress.Here are some more details:


- Our beneficiaries took part in art therapy sessions and dance classes this summer- On 16 August, 60 children attended Gyumri’s Theatre of reflections, discovering an up-to-date performance and acquiring new experiences- We choose to employ local professionals, thus supporting them financially and trying to create more opportunities to reverse the migration from rural Armenia towards bigger citiesThe project was delivered in partnership with Armenian Caritas.

2022 Summer Project Report

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