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Projects 2023

Books for Hope

1 school library per month / 12 school libraries for the year 2023A book donation program to rural schools  - 2023 Campaign Report

In 2023, we formalised our partnership with Teach for Armenia and selected 1 school every month.From January to December 2023, we donated books to the following schools' libraries:

1. January 2023: Zangakatun school (Ararat region) educating 150 pupils 

2. February 2023: Zhorzhakat school (Gegharkuni region) educating 78 pupils

3. March 2023: Drakhtik school (Gegharkuni region) educating 207 pupils

4. April 2023: Jil school (Gegharkuni region) educating 95 pupils

5. May 2023: Aygeshat school (Armavir region) educating 216 pupils

6. June 2023: Hushakert school (Armavir region) educating 66 pupils

7. July 2023: Bagaran school (Armavir region) educating 98 pupils

8. August 2023: Areni school (Vayotz Dzor region) educating 277 pupils

9. September 2023: Azatek school (Vayotz Dzor region) educating 62 pupils

10. October 2023: Herher school (Vayotz Dzor region) educating 52 pupils

11. November 2023: Darbnik school ( Ararat region) educating 230 pupils

12. December 2023: Yerashk school (Ararat region) educating 137 pupils

An extra school for 2023: Nor Hadjn school (Koytak region) educating 420 pupils

KARDA Program

2023 book donations

Karda develops school children’s literacy and critical thinking skills

KARDA, READ in English, program encourages children to develop their literacy and critical thinking skills. Karda is implemented on a yearly basis by Nor Arar in 12 schools across the Lori region and is aimed at 2 different year groups. In May 2023, Oxford Armenia Foundation donated several copies of the same books that were distributed to the participating schools. 

We donated a wide range of books from The Little Prince Փոքրիկ Իշխանը to The Secret Garden Խորհրդավոր պարտեզը and from Treasure Island Գանձերի կղզին to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Չարլին և շոկոլադե գործարանը, to name a few.

Once a year, in April, Nor Arar organises a Karda day (Reading Festival) conference where all participating school children and teachers come together to present and share their views and activities around the books they read.

Art Summer Camp 2023
100 children participating in the 6 week long Art Summer camp in the Shirak region

Starting early June 2023, the 6 week Art Summer Camp offered visual arts, dance, and art therapy to 100 children from 2 border villages of the Shirak region. Through a generous donation, Oxford Armenia Foundation financed the entirety of the camp while our partner Caritas Armenia organised the teachers, location, the transport and the liaison with parents.

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