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Books for Hope 2024 Campaign

OAF donated books to 3 school libraries

For many years, Books for hope has been a much loved and engaging program bringing books to remote school libraries. Access to new and engaging novels, reference books, classics, translations and more is very limited in rural areas. 

The Books for Hope campaign 2024 continues its book donation program to schools selected by Teach for Armenia. Kayun Himnaqarer thrives in donating book titles chosen by children from 6 to 18 years old together with the teaching staff. Every 3 months, Kayun Himnaqarer coordinates a book donation drive to 3 schools. 

This well-established program supports whole schools communities by restocking new and engaging books in schools’ libraries.

Schools can download the book review document for readers to fill in and return to 

Գրքի քննարկման թերթիկ Blank
Download PDF • 46KB

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