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KARDA Project 24-25

Book donations in support of NorArar KARDA program

KARDA, READ in English, program encourages children to develop their literacy and critical thinking skills. Karda is implemented on a yearly basis by Nor Arar Educational NGO in 12 schools across the Lori region and is aimed at 2 different year groups. Karda has been successfully engaging and supporting pupils and teachers to nurture a culture of reading for pleasure, discussing stories and sharing ideas on books. Karda brings the love of books back to the classrooms enhancing literacy and supporting different subject teachers.

The KARDA 23-24 program is coming to an end with the KARDA Conference scheduled on the 13th April 2024. OAF is now preparing KARDA 24-25, by planning the procurement of over 230 books to deliver to participating schools in May 2024.

We rely on your donations to fund this invaluable literacy program, please donate to OAF Crowdfunding campaign: Capacity Building for Rural Children in Armenia.

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